We offer 12 Reclaim Cups to Make Sure You Get the Right Fit

Reclame cups come in a range of styles and sizes, but all of our cups will hold 15ml of menstual fluid. 


You can party all night with a Reclaim Cup.  Keep them in for 6-8 hours!
(Remember the cup is not a form of birthcontrol and should be removed before intercourse.)


Swim with confidence that your menstrual protection will last all day. You don't need worry that a string will sneak out of your suit, that you will need to keep shorts and avoid the water, or rush from water to bathroom.


Just like your underwear your Reclaim products are reusable. The cup is available in a range of styles to fit most lifestyles just like your underwear. Whether you choose thong or boxers the Reclaim product have something to fit.

Worry Less

The Reclaim your day.  With the cup you don't have to worry all day about leaking. With a range of styles and sizes most people can find a cup that fits. (So you can avoid the dreaded school bathroom.)

Questions & Answers

The vagina in the portion of genitalia that connects the vulva to the cervix. For clarity we will refer to "vaginal walls" to mean the expanding tissue which connects the cervix to the labia minora. We will refer to the "vaginal canal" as the conduit for menstrual fluids to leave the uterus and be discharged from the body.

Yes.  Different styles have different stems.  Some stems are very short and are considered "No-Feel" other stems are longer.  Many variations have a ribbed stem to make it easier to grasp. 
If the cup feels stuck slide your finger along the cup and bend the cup to break the seal.
Some woman prefer to take out the cup the first few times while in the shower.  This way they can get used to the sensation of removing the cup. 

Each woman is shaped differently inside. When you are not aroused and there is nothing inside of the vaginal canal the vaginal walls close in on themselves. Use our guide to help match you with a shape.
Many people who have not had children or who are in their teens may prefer a small size cup.  People with heavy periods may prefer a large cup for piece of mind.  Choosing the right cup can be overwhelming.  
Talk to a representative if you would like to have a conversation about what cup might be right for you. Call Area Code - 978 with phone number 272. 2229. 
Things to Remember:
After pregnancy the vagina returns to the shape it was prior to pregnancy. Only after multiple pregnancies can the elasticity of the vaginal walls be impacted. Doing strengthening exercises for your pelvic floor can help the muscles return after a vaginal delivery.
Vaginal walls are accordion like, they are made up of repeating folds which stretch to accommodate items as small as a finger to as large as a newborn's head.   

All of the Reclaim Cups are less than three inches. Why 3 inches? Because most vaginal canals are between 3 and 6 inches long when they are not aroused.
There are a range of folds that you can try when inserting your Reclaim Cup. All of the cups are made from medical grade silicone and are flexible.
When putting in a cup remember to direct towards your lower back and not straight up. Many women feel more comfortable in a squatting position; while others prefer having one leg up on a toilet or tub; you may prefer to insert your cup while seated on a toilet.
Vaginal walls are accordion like, they are made up of repeating folds which stretch to accommodate items as small as a finger to as large as a newborn's head.   

No, a Reclaim Cup will not feel like a tampon. Just like tampons there are different shapes and absorbances. You will find that just like tampons there are some styles that will work better for you.
Like a tampon, if the cup is not in the "right" place you will be able to feel it more. Like a tampon, a cup needs to be placed inside the vagina high enough to not be at the vaginal opening.  
What kind of tampon you prefer may impact the type of cup you will be more comforable in.  
Some tampons  open as a rectangle or cylindar and are designed with a rectangle of cotton that spans your vaginal canal making the length of the tampon equally absorbant.  Other tampons are made designed with one or more squares of cotton that are compressed from the center so that they open like a flower. making the part of the tampon closest to the uterus more absorbant. 

Most women will find that it will take 10-12 hours for a cup to "fill". Reclaim recommends removing the cup every 6-8 hours to reduce the chance of TSS*. To further reduce the risk of TSS purchase 2 cups. After each use place the cup in a cup of boiling water to sterilize. Some women prefer to leave it in for 8 hours to start. While getting used to your cup you may want to use a backup method (like a reusable pad.)
If you cup in leaking in 2-3 hours then most likely it is not inserted correctly. Place your finger inside your vaginal canal and check that the cup is open and not folded shut.

*TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)is a rare but serious bacterial infection. TSS occurs when staphylococcus aureus and group A streptococcus combine. Remember a third of all TSS cases happen to people without a vagina. Less than half of the cases of TSS involve a tampon. Menstrual cups and contraceptives like diaphragms or sponges can also cause TSS. Remember, do not leave the cup in longer that 12 hours, even if you "know its not full" this can lead to bacteria growth due to the increase aeration cased by cups.  

Unfortunately, if you are not comfortable putting your fingers inside your vagina it may be a problem for removing the cup, or for repositioning it inside you. The cup works because a suction barrier is created when the cup is inserted. In some cases the small holes around the top ring of the cup can become blocked. When this happen you may need to place a finger against the wall of the cup to release the suction.